Sometimes, the most amazing Valentine you can have is yourself.

Single valentine

I know the feeling. Christmas is over, the hearts start appearing on the shelves and you think something along the lines of:

“Again? Already? Ugh.”

I definitely was feeling that way this year. Then, I started thinking about it. Valentine’s day is about celebrating love. Love of your significant other, love of your family, love of your kids… what about self-love? I think a lot of people have negative connotations when it comes to loving yourself. You might think that it’s selfish to spend time on yourself when there are so many other important things to be done, especially if you have children. However, it shouldn’t be that way! I think that as single women, we need to start celebrating that self-love side of Valentine’s day a little ( or a lot) more. And why not? You deserve to be pampered and spoiled this Valentine’s day whether you are single or with someone. More often than not, you can spoil yourself better than anyone else. Seriously, only you know what you really want. So, this year, I think that we should all start spending some time on ourselves.

So, how do you become the most amazing Valentine you’ve ever had?

1) You realize that your worth does not come from being in a relationship

You’re single and it’s Valentine’s day. And guess what? That’s totally okay. Actually, by the end of this post, hopefully you will see that it can be really awesome. Your worth comes from being you, no matter who that is today, and the fact that you are fearfully and wonderfully created by someone who loves you unconditionally. In light of that, you really aren’t missing anything. So, you don’t need a relationship to be fulfilled this Valentine’s day. You just need to realize that you are amazing the way you are!

2) Figure out what you really want… then treat yourself!

I generally never spend money or time on myself. So, this year I got myself a couple of things that I would have wanted from someone else. For the first time ever, I have absolutely no complaints. I bought gorgeous lingerie that fits and I can actually use every day. I also got new amazing hand soap that smells lovely. I love, love, LOVE hand soap. Ever since I was pregnant with Ollie, I have had an addiction to hand soap and washing my hands. It’s really weird, but I embrace it. So, for me, this was a somewhat cheap but awesome present. I grew also my favorite flower before Valentine’s day so that I could have those as well. All in all, I think that I did pretty well for myself this year. It may not seem like too much, but it made me happy. And that is the important thing! I think that treating ourselves can be good in moderation, except when it comes to chocolate. I plan on buying myself a whole lot of that… on the 15th when it goes on clearance.

3) Relax

For me, this means a long bubble bath, a glass of wine, chocolate and a good book (or, watching Downton Abbey on the laptop). After a while in the tub, I always have a rosier view of life. It is something that makes me relax and feel better. And as it is Valentine’s day, I might even shave my legs. But, the extra added bonus of being single is that I don’t have to. Ha! So, do whatever it is that helps you relax and unwind. Besides, stress is unhealthy so relaxing might carry some added health benefits. (Yay!)

4) Turn your bathroom into a spa

Want a spa trip, but low on cash? Your bathroom works just fine. All you need is a mask, a scrub, and some nail polish. This, on top of a long, hot bubble bath is just as good as a day at the spa. After, you’ll feel like a million bucks for ten or less. You can even whip up your own mask from the kitchen if you want to save some money and be more organic at the same time.

5) Give presents to the other people in your life

Just because we are choosing to spend a little more time on ourselves does not give us an excuse to neglect everyone in our lives. I think that focusing on what we give instead of what we get can make Valentine’s day a lot better for everyone. Even if you don’t have a sweetheart, you have friends and family who love you. I’m sure that they would love to get something from you! Even if its just a homemade card or gift, it is the thought that counts. Make someone else feel loved! Maybe, you will even feel better yourself in the end.

Basically, rethink everything that you’ve previously thought about Valentine’s day. Just because all of the marketing tells us this is a time for couples and school kids, doesn’t mean you have to feel left out! If you think outside the box and look around you, you are surrounded by tons of potential valentines. But, at the end of the day, you definitely don’t need to forget to spoil yourself a little this Valentine’s day. After all, you are awesome and you deserve it!

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